Personal collection

All items you order through our website can be picked up at our PATRIZIA store at Stari trg 11a, Ljubljana. When you have completed your purchase, you have the option of choosing to deliver through our package distributor (GLS) or pick up the package in person at our store.

Personal collection is also possible as a collection in front of the branch - without PCT.
If you want a personal collection in front of the branch - WITHOUT PCT, let us know by email or contact us.

The on-site payment process is possible by proforma invoice, or you pay at the store when you pick up your order. Payments in the store are possible with a bank card or cash. There are no postage costs in case of personal collection.

In case the item you want is not on our website, contact us for stock or reservation (email, Instagram, Facebook ...).

Orders that have not yet been paid for and will be picked up at the store will be waiting for you for 3 days. If you do not pick them up within 3 days, your order will be canceled.

When your order is ready to be picked up, we will notify you at your email address. If you have not trusted us with your e-mail address, you will receive a notification on your telephone number, so it is mandatory that it is stated. In most cases, the package will be ready for collection the next day or within 2 working days, but we reserve the right to have 7 working days to prepare the package.

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